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February 20, 2022

Matthew 22:23-33

1) Did you pray this week? How much did you pray, more or less than you would like?

a) What kinds of things are you praying for?

b) Do you struggle to pray or feel like you are saying the same things every time? What might help?


2) Who are the Sadducees? Explain who they are and their differences with the Pharisees.


3) How and why are the Sadducees trying to trick Jesus?


4) What should we think about marriage in heaven? What is at stake?


5) What should we learn/do with this passage? How should it change our lives?

a) How often do you think of the resurrection? Why is it sometimes neglected?

b) How can we force ourselves to think of the resurrection in our daily lives? (alarms, phone calls, sticky notes?)


6) What is our ultimate hope?

a) If we asked a stranger, what would they say your ultimate hope is?