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August 29, 2021

Matthew 16:28-17:8

1) This week, as you think about your spiritual discipline, did you pray? This week did you spend time in prayer by yourself? Why is it sometimes hard to pray?


2) In what ways does the Transfiguration mimic or call back to Mount Sinai?


3) Why is there a “behold” in V3 but no “behold” in V2 just before Matthew recounts the Transfiguration?


4) Pastor Nate pointed out that Peter described the situation he found himself in as “good.” In what ways do we treat Jesus casually? How can we treat Jesus with more reverence and honor?


5) Why did Peter want to build tents for Jesus, Moses, and Elijah? What was wrong with the idea?


6) When God the Father and speaks from the cloud and tells us to listen to Jesus. What is included in that word listen? What does it mean to listen?