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Romans 11:11-24

1. We began by looking specifically at v. 11-12 as Paul addresses the major question concerning the Jews.

A: In Paul’s response in v. 11, he is emphatic in his belief that the Jews had not been completely abandoned by God. We live in a time where people seem to struggle in knowing what to be emphatic over…what are examples of matters that Christians must be emphatic over & resolute in concerning doctrine?

B: In this set of verses, Paul speaks of how the Jewish rejection has been used by God to bring Gentiles to salvation…how does this work of God highlight God’s sovereignty over all things, including bad things?

2. Next we moved into v. 13-15 and made note of God’s character & activity.

A: In v. 13, it is clear that Paul understands his mission: spreading the gospel to the Gentiles. Right now in your life, what is your mission? How can it lead to gospel advancement?

B: In this set of verses, we see that although people are fickle…God is faithful. This has been a theme throughout Romans, the faithfulness & trustworthiness of God…why is that such an important concept to dwell on regularly?

C: We also see in these verses that God is at work & absolutely knows what He’s doing. What are examples from Scripture where we see that God ultimately knows what He’s doing? What are examples from life that demonstrate that God is working things together for His glory & the good of His people?

3. We then moved into v. 16-22 as Paul issues 4 warnings.

A: In v. 18, we see the warning to not be arrogant, to think that you are spiritually superior. What are ways that people can fall into this trap of believing they are spiritually superior today?

B: The second warning of standing fast through faith is found in v. 20. What are ways we can consistently be reminded & encouraged to put our faith in the finished work of Christ rather than in our own efforts?

C: The third warning is also in v. 20…to not become proud, but to fear. What helps us to grow in our awe & reverence of God?

D: The fourth warning is found in v. 22: continue in God’s kindness. We looked at John 8:31 & 1 John 2:19 to see that perseverance is a mark of the true Christian. How does persevering in the faith through all of life bring glory to God?

4. We ended by looking at v. 23-24 & some points of application.

A: Looking at v. 23-24, we see that God has an amazing saving power, the power to save anyone! How does this news give us confidence & boldness in sharing the gospel? Who are people right now that you are planning to share the gospel with?

B: We ended by being encouraged to appreciate the fact that God is in control of all things, that God is faithful, that God has saving power, that God has sustaining power, and that Christ has done what we could never do. How can these 5 truths give you great joy right now?