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August 9, 2020

Matthew 7:21-23


1) Talk about what you read in your Bibles this week.

A) Did you read? If not, why?

B) Were you convicted in any of your reading this week?


2) Pastor Nate said that Jesus teaching in these three verses, Matthew 7:21-23, dispels several misconceptions about salvation. The misconceptions were universalism, inclusivism, easy-believism (antinomianism).

A) What is universalism?

B) What is inclusivism?

C) What is antinomianism?

D) Have you had any experience with people who believe these misconceptions?


3) Pastor Nate emphasized the relationship between saving faith and obedience.

A) What comes first, saving faith or obedience?

B) Why does making a distinction in the order matter? 

C) Must we have perfect obedience to enter heaven? John 8:31-32


4) Pastor Nate ended with two applications. The first was attention and the second was examination.

A) What should our attention be on? What matters to Jesus?

B) Where in your life do you need more obedience to God's Word?

C) When was the last time you examined yourself to see if you were in the faith? 2 Corinthians 13:5


5) This can be a scary passage. It can be frightening for us, but also for those we love.

A) Are there people in your life that profess Christianity but do not live a life of obedience?

B) If they were to die today would Jesus accept them or tell them to depart?

C) What is stopping you from lovingly confronting them?

D) What about you? Does Jesus know you?