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August 16, 2020

Matthew 7:24-29

1) God is very good to us!

A) What did you thank God for this week?


2) Pastor Nate said the wise builder is the one who prepares themselves for the return and judgment of Jesus.

A) How do we live in expectation of Jesus' coming in the basic and monotonous things of life?

B) If Jesus were to return at this very moment, what habits and aspects of your life would you be proud of and embarrassed of?


3) Pastor Nate pointed out that the only difference between the wise and the unwise in this passage is the foundation of their house, the Scriptures.

A) Do you think of the Scriptures as a precious foundation or a spiritual chore?

B) If the Scriptures were taken away from you, how much would you still have through memorization?

C) What habits can we use to ensure that we build our lives upon the rock?


4) Pastor Nate said that there is no greater tragedy than someone hearing the words of Jesus, being amazed, but remaining unchanged.

A) Are you being changed by God's Word? How so?

B) Do you know anyone who knows the gospel but remains unchanged? What could you do to reach out to them?