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James 1:12-18

1. We began by talking about v. 12 & the beatitude that’s given.

Q: We see that v. 12 is very similar to Jesus’ words in Matthew 5. Beatitudes give us a description of genuine followers of Christ while promising rewards both in the present & the future. Why should we read the beatitudes in the Bible with confidence that they are true?

Q: The promise of v. 12 is that the one who remains steadfast will have joy & satisfaction. What is an example of doing what’s right/good in the face of pressure that led to joy & satisfaction?

Q: What are ways that we can be distinct by doing right in our homes, work, communities right now?

Q: The future promise for the one who remains steadfast is the crown of life. James speaks with confidence about an eternal matter. What gives Christians this type of confidence concerning eternal issues?

Q: The phrase, “to those who love him” was examined & it was said that many say they love God…but that people who truly love God will have a zeal, passion, desire for God’s Word. So what are ways that God has given you a zeal or passion for God’s Word?

2. We then looked at v. 13-15 & the issue of temptation.

Q: We read James urging the people to not see God as the origin of their temptation, but their own desires as the origin. How do we respond to temptation when we think it is outside of us (external) versus when we realize it is inside of us (internal)?

Q: In v. 15 we read the effect of temptation realized. Temptation leads to death. READ ROMANS 6:23. If sin is this dire, how can we take our fight against it more seriously?

3. Finally, we talked about gifts from God in v. 16-18.

Q: Instead of blaming God, James encourages us to praise God for the good gifts we enjoy. What are some of the good gifts that we should thank God for in our lives?

Q: In v. 18, we see that the greatest gift from God, salvation, is from God & of His own will. God REGENERATES us, enabling us to believe in Christ for salvation. Why does believing that God initiates our faith bring glory to God?

Q: God uses the word of truth to bring salvation. How does believing that God’s Word is that powerful shape how we share the gospel?

APP: In v. 18, we see that God’s grace changes us. We were encouraged to be people who praise God by hating what God hates (sin) & loving what God loves (righteousness). So take time to pray for one another for these things to take place.