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Romans 3:26-31

1.We started with a quick recap of what we covered in Romans 3:21-25.

A: We talked about how the text presses us to ask the question, “Who/What are we depending on to make us right with God?” Why do we so rarely take the time to consider such weighty questions such as this?

B: Many will say that they trust Christ above all else, but take a moment to read Matthew 7:21-23. How does a challenging passage like this lead you to examine your own declarations of faith in Christ?

2. Next we looked at Romans 3:25-26 & how Paul is showing that God is righteous.

A: Paul is arguing that God has punished every sin. It was said on Sunday that, “Every sin will be punished…either by the sinner or at the cross.” Why is it important to believe that God does not make light of sin, but punishes sin?

B: Pastor Nate touched on the topic of Christ’s death & who it pays the punishment for…Some would say that Christ’s death pays the punishment for all people, while others would say that Christ’s death pays the punishment for those who put their faith in Christ. Why is it good for us to wrestle with challenging topics like this as a church family? When do these topics move from being helpful & edifying to toxic in the life of a church?

3. We then talked about Romans 3:27 & our boasting.

A: We were pointed to the fact that none of us has room for SELF-EXALTATION, our righteousness is not our doing. Why is self-exaltation so dangerous & tragic?

B: So if we are not to boast in ourselves, but instead boast in the Lord…how can we do that more faithfully? How can we highlight the greatness of God in our lives?

4. We then looked through the reminders Paul gives in v. 28-31.

A: In v. 28, we are again reminded that justification is by faith, not works. Why is this point of justification by faith so important in the book of Romans? What do we lose when we give up justification by faith?

B: In v. 30, we talked once again about the object of our faith. Specifically we talked about how people can make a ritual the object of their faith. What are rituals that people try to hold onto as the reason they’re saved?

C: We ended with v. 31 & recognizing how the gospel fulfills the law: its demands are met & its purposes are accomplished. How does the gospel actually lead you to more faithfully & zealously desire to obey God & follow His commands?