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May 26, 2024

Ephesians 6:10-11

1.) Reflect on a time when you relied on your own strength instead of seeking strength from the Lord. What was the outcome? How might the situation have been different if you had sought empowerment through Christ?

2.) How do the world’s messages about self-reliance and self-belief conflict with the biblical call to find our strength in Christ? How can we combat these cultural messages in our daily lives?

3.) In what ways can we, as a community, better support and remind each other to derive our strength from Jesus? Share some practical ways we can encourage one another.

4.) What does it mean to put on the full armor of God in your personal life? What does it look like when you only put on “part of the armor or God”?

5.) How does the call to find strength in the Lord apply to both new and mature believers? Share examples of how you have seen this in your own Christian walk.

6.) Discuss some ways Satan’s schemes have manifested in your life. How did you recognize and resist them? What can we do as a group to stand firm against these schemes?

7.) The book of Ephesians calls us to be imitators of God by putting on His armor. What does it mean to imitate God in this way? How can this influence our daily actions and decisions?

8.) Reflect on a situation where something that appeared good was actually harmful. How did you discern the truth, and what role did your faith play in that discernment?

9.) How can we balance the awareness of Satan’s danger without falling into fear? Share ways we can cultivate a mindset of readiness and courage in our spiritual walk.

10.) When facing spiritual attacks, what practices or habits have helped you to stand firm? How can we incorporate these practices into our community life to support each other in standing against the enemy?