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May 12, 2024

Romans 5:1-11

1.) Jesus chose to die for the ungodly at a time when we were still weak and sinful. How does this knowledge shape your understanding of God’s love and grace?
2.) Can you share a personal story or reflection on what it felt like to recognize your own "weakness" or "ungodliness" before coming to Christ?
3.) In what areas of your life do you still feel 'weak' or powerless? How do you seek strength and support in these areas through your faith?
4.) Reflecting on Jesus' willingness to suffer for us, can you think of a time when you made a sacrifice for someone else? How did it feel, and what impact did it have on your relationship with God?
5.) We have been justified by Jesus’ blood and made righteous before God. How does this change your perspective on your daily struggles and sins?
6.) What are common misunderstandings about “earning salvation” that you've encountered, and how do you address these based on the truth of the Gospel?
7.) We are justified by faith alone in Jesus Christ, and our good works are a natural and necessary outcome that flows from our salvation. Can you share an example where your faith led to a specific action or decision that had a significant impact on your life or the lives of others?
8.) We were once people who were weak and ungodly, dead in our sin. But praise God that we have been made alive through Jesus Christ, being washed in his blood. You are a saint, beloved by God, who is clothed in the righteous robes of Jesus Christ. Spend some time discussing and reflecting on the promises that God has made to you as his child. What promises has he made to us that we can cling to daily?