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June 2, 2024

Ephesians 6:12-13

1.) In what ways do you experience the intensity and wearisomeness of wrestling against spiritual forces in your daily life?

2.) What are some ways our enemies use religious, political, academic, and economic structures to hinder the advance of the gospel, and how can we combat these efforts?

3.) How does recognizing that human beings are not our ultimate enemies shift our perspective on conflicts and relationships?

4.) What are some practical steps you can take to identify and address your personal spiritual weaknesses?

5.) How can confessing our weaknesses to God and asking for His help empower us to stand firm against the devil’s schemes?

6.) What does it look like to take a regular “spiritual inventory” of your life, and how can this practice help you stay equipped for battle?

7.) How can we as a church community better support one another in our spiritual battles, and what are some specific ways we can bear one another’s burdens?

8.) Can you think and share of a time when the church community has loved and cared for you well? How has the church helped provide for you whether it be projects, spiritual council, financially, encouragement, correction, etc?

9.) Why is regular fellowship with other believers essential for standing against the schemes of the devil, and how can we encourage each other to stay connected and accountable?

10.) Can you share a time when you experienced victory in the midst of a spiritual attack, and how did it strengthen your faith and reliance on Christ?