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June 16, 2024

Ephesians 6:16-17

  1. How does Paul’s use of the imagery of a soldier's armor in Ephesians 6:10-17 help us understand the spiritual battles we face in our daily lives?
  1. In verse 16, Paul emphasizes the importance of taking up the "shield of faith." How has faith served as a shield in your own life during times of spiritual attack?
  1. The "flaming darts" of the evil one are mentioned as serious threats. What are some modern-day "flaming darts" that believers might face, and how can we effectively use the shield of faith against them?
  1. Paul speaks of the importance of the helmet of salvation in verse 17. How does the hope of salvation protect our minds in spiritual warfare?
  1. The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, is our offensive weapon in spiritual battles. How can we practically wield this sword in our daily lives?
  1. Reflecting on the communal aspect of Roman soldiers using their shields to form a protective wall, we understand that all it takes it just one person to let down their guard for Satan to exploit and bring about disunity, chaos, sin, and suffering. Reflect on a time when your personal sin has had destructive consequences in either the church, your family, and/or your own personal life.
  1. Share a time when you have endured suffering or sin, how did God use the church or your family to help protect, care for, and provide for you in these times?
  1. The sermon emphasizes that the battle against spiritual forces is not fought with our own strength but with God’s power. How can we remind ourselves and others of this truth when we feel overwhelmed?
  1. Considering the examples of God being described as a shield in the Old Testament (e.g., Genesis 15:1, Psalm 28:7), how can these promises encourage us in our faith journey today?
  1. How can we as a community of believers encourage and equip one another to stand firm in the armor of God, and to go out into the world confidently with the power of the Gospel?