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Titus 3:3-8

1. We started in v. 3 & the objection that we aren’t really that bad.

A: It was said that we are excellent at presenting ourselves in the best possible light. What are examples where people tend to do that?

B: READ Romans 3:10-12 & Ephesians 2:1-3. Combining that with Titus 3:3, how would you describe the human condition apart from Christ based off these passages?

C: What changes in how you relate to people when you believe that there is a need for gospel truth in every relationship?

2. We then talked about v. 4 & the objection to the goodness of God.

A: It was said that trouble comes in all shapes & sizes, how can walking through difficult times actually draw us closer to God & trust Him all the more?

B: We looked at multiple passages that speak of the goodness of God. What would you say are evidences of God’s goodness?

C: Psalm 119:68 speaks of the nature/character of God as being good & also His actions being good. Why is it important that both of these aspects of God’s goodness are known?

3. We then covered v. 5-7 & the objection that we can fix ourselves.

A: We heard that any efforts by us to contribute to or add to our rescue/justification actually make light of God’s work. Why is that the case?

B: We then saw from this passage how we are saved, regenerated, renewed, & justified by God. How does knowing that these acts are done by God according to His mercy & grace give us confidence? How would it be different if these acts were according to our strength or doing?

C: We were challenged to examine whether we are confident in the power of the gospel or ashamed of it. How can you display confidence in its power?

4. We ended with v. 8 & the objection to the total demand of the gospel.

A: This passage claims that the gospel message is trustworthy. How has the gospel proven to be trustworthy in your life?

B: The passage also calls us to insist on these things. What is the biggest challenge to being a person of conviction? What helps us to become stronger, more resolute people of conviction?

C: We were encouraged to think through our devotion to doing good works. So taking time to think through your life, what are ways that you can demonstrate that you belong to God right now?