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Romans 2:1-16

1. We went through the passage section by section…so let’s go through the verses!

A: v. 1-2: Paul makes it clear that God’s judgement is fair & that no one has an excuse before God. This would’ve gone contrary to the thinking of many Jews at the time that taught that the Jews were exempt from the wrath of God. How does the mindset of “Who Me?” creep into our own minds today?

B: v. 3-4: Paul exposes their misunderstanding of God’s grace. How can people misuse the grace of God to excuse their sin rather than fight their sin? What does it look like to fight your sin by the grace of God?

C: v. 5: we see the results of unrepentant living. This passage shows us the importance of living a life marked by repentance. How do we make repentance a regular practice in our lives?

D: v. 6: this verse highlights the idea of judgement by works. What’s the difference between trusting in our works for salvation versus seeing our works as a product of saving faith?

E: v. 7-8: we read a contrast between those who receive eternal life & those that will experience the wrath & fury of God. There are differences in what they SEEK & how they RESPOND to God’s Word. How do we examine whether we seek God’s glory & honor versus our own self-glory? What are ways you can strive to be obedient to the truth of God’s Word right now?

F: v. 9-10: we then see what these two groups of people will receive: one gets tribulation & distress, the other gets peace. How do these verses press us to share the truth of the gospel with others? Does it even register with us that God will provide lasting, full peace: peace with no conflict & full relationship with God & others?

G: v. 11: this verse answers whether we can trust that God gets it right. Why is it important to believe that God shows no impartiality?

H: v. 12-16: this section focuses on the relationship between God’s judgement & our knowledge of the law. It shows us that it is possible to know God & yet function as if there is no God. How can this mentality still be seen today?

I: We were challenged to look at v. 16 & examine our response to this news. How does this verse make you thankful for the redeeming, rescuing work of Jesus Christ?