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Romans 1:26-27

1. When talking about the subject of homosexuality, we talked about the questions Christians must answer & also critical questions asked in our culture.

A: We started with questions that Christians must answer: what is God’s view of the practice of homosexuality & how do God’s people treat those that practice homosexuality? Both were given the condition of “according to God’s Word”. Why is it a challenge for many to look at this issue through the lens of “according to God’s Word”?

B: We then answered the question, “Is homosexuality a sin?” & went to Leviticus 18:22, 22:13; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. It was said that, “the Bible isn’t preoccupied with homosexuality, but when it speaks…it speaks clearly about  the subject.” Why is it good that the Bible covers the issue of homosexuality, but doesn’t seem consumed by the topic? What can we learn about how we are to handle the topic of homosexuality based off the way the Bible approaches the topic?

C: We then talked about Jesus’ addressing of the topic of sexual sin from Matthew 7:20-23. Why is it important to understand that all sexual sin is evil & sinful? Why is it easy for us to elevate one type of sexual sin to be worse than another?

D: Looking at Romans 1:26-27, we see that truth is exchanged for a lie. What are examples from our own lives where we have bought into a lie & abandoned the truth? (Example: ______ will bring me satisfaction & joy…the truth is only obedience to Christ can bring ultimate satisfaction & joy.)

E: When answering the question of whether homosexuality is a worse sin than other sins it was said that all sin is evil & therefore we all desperately need a savior. How does this view of sin & the need for rescue press you to pray for those caught in the sin?

F: The question was posed, “Can’t we just agree to disagree?” What kind of view of the Bible/the Bible’s position on homosexuality would allow you to accept this stance of agree to disagree? How are gospel issues at stake in the view of agreeing to disagree?

G: We also talked about the hope that is in Christ for those who practice the sin of homosexuality. Read 1 Corinthians 6:11. How does this passage show us the strength of the rescuing work of Christ?

H: We ended with ways to love those who practice homosexuality. We ultimately landed on the fact that we are to love them by walking with them as they battle their sin. How has this kind of love been modeled in your life as you fight your own sin? How can you show this kind of love towards others right now in your life?