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Romans 1:16-17

1.We began by looking at v. 16 & specifically, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel…”

A: We talked about the fact that there is a cost to following Christ, Jesus talks about it in Mark 8 & the cost to follow Jesus remains today. What are ways that it is costly to follow Christ today?

B: We then talked about the offensive nature of the gospel. What are some of the reasons people might be offended by the truth of the gospel today?

2.We then talked about the second half of v. 16.

A:It was said that the gospel is the actual, saving, dynamic, transforming, rescuing power of God based in the reality of what God has done & the promise of what God will do. What impact has the gospel had in your life? What’s different about you because of the power of the gospel?

B: We see that the gospel’s power is, “to everyone who believes”. How does this truth that the gospel is powerful enough to save anyone press us to share the gospel with confidence?

C: Knowing that salvation is only for those “who believe” was said to give a clear boundary. What are evidences of genuine, Biblical faith?

3.We moved into v. 17 to talk about why the gospel is so powerful.

A: First we recognized that righteousness is defined by God, not by us. Why is this idea so difficult for many people to embrace?

B: We also talked about how righteousness must be revealed. No one can find it on their own…so how does this truth keep us humble before God?

C: Then we saw that the righteousness of God that is revealed is understood solely by faith. What are ways that people try to add to their own righteousness? Why does trying to add to your righteousness ultimately lead to making light of Christ’s work?

D: As we made it to the end of v. 17, we talked about NOT living by faith is the human default. We then gave examples of ways that not living by faith can creep into our own lives. This requires transparency, but what are areas of your life where you must be intentional to not fall into the trap of not living by faith?

E: At the end of the message, we were challenged to think about whether we were eager or ashamed to share the gospel. TAKE TIME TO PRAY FOR OUR CHURCH THAT WE WOULD BE EAGER TO SHARE.

F: We were also challenged to think about whether we believe the gospel to be powerful & that righteousness is given, not earned. What changes in a person’s life when they begin to believe that the gospel really is the power of God for salvation & that righteousness is a total gift of God?