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Romans 1:1

1. As we began our time in Romans, we started by discussing why the book has such tremendous impact.

A: Romans is a book that addresses many of the most pressing concerns that every person faces. What are some of those big questions that people face?

B: We also said that the book of Romans speaks powerfully to issues that concern us today. What does it say about the Bible that it continues to speak to the most important matters in life even though the world has changed in so many ways?

2. We also talked about the bad news in our world because of sin.

A: We spent time talking about how sin leads to dissatisfaction. So thinking on the opposite side of the equation…how does obedience leads to true satisfaction?

B: Sin also leads to no meaning & no hope for a person. So what is the most loving or caring thing that we as Christians can do for those in this position?

3. We then talked about how in the midst of the bad news, we receive the good news of the gospel.

A: It was said that the gospel is, “the lens through which we view all things.” What are areas of your life that are most difficult to examine through the lens of the gospel?

B: We also were encouraged to continue to grow in the gospel. “No one outgrows the gospel, Christians only grow deeper in the gospel.” What are ways that you can continue to grow in your love & knowledge of the gospel?

C: We also talked about how the gospel is good news, rather than good advice. Why is it so important to understand the difference between seeing the gospel as news versus advice?

D: We ended by hearing of how the gospel assures us of our identity. Why would it be terrifying for our standing with God were based on us? How does having a secure identity in Christ impact the way you live your life?

4. We wrapped up with a challenge, specifically to contemplate the gospel.

A: When do you take time to contemplate the gospel & other truths?

B: How can you more faithfully live in light of the truth of the gospel?