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Reformation Sunday

1.We began by talking about WHAT is the Reformation.

A: We started by talking about the rediscovery of the authority of the Bible. What are some of the other things that compete for authority in our own day?

B: We then talked about the rediscovery of a person’s inability to earn God’s favor. How would it be exhausting/terrifying if we had to earn God’s grace? How does believing that God’s grace is given by God produce joy & confidence?

C: We talked about faith alone & how security for a believer is not found in our efforts, but by faith in Christ alone. READ EPHESIANS 2:8-9…what does this passage shows us about the basis for the security of salvation?

D: Next we talked about the rediscovery of the sufficiency of the work of Jesus Christ. We said that there is a big difference between placing your confidence in the strength of your faith & placing your confidence in the strength of the object of your faith. Why are those two so different?

E: The final rediscovery was that the ultimate aim of everything is God’s glory. How does believing that everything is ultimately for God’s glory actually generate joy for the Christian?

2. We then talked about WHO was involved in the Reformation.

A: We talked about John Wycliffe, Jan Hus, William Tyndale, Ulrich Zwingli, John Knox, John Calvin, & Martin Luther…how does taking the time to hear the stories of these people of the faith serve as an encouragement to us?

B: Why do we often fail to take time to remember the heritage of our faith?

C: Hearing their stories, you can’t help but take note of their conviction & theological tenacity (hunger for the truth). How can we develop deeper convictions & gain a theological tenacity ourselves?

3.We ended by covering WHY this mattered so much to the Reformers & why it should matter for us today.

A: We talked about how the Bible has power: power to reveal the truth to us about ourselves & God. Based off Isaiah 55, why is it good news that God & His ways are so different from our ways?

B: We also saw in Isaiah 55 that God’s purposes for His words will be accomplished. How does knowing that God will accomplish what He intends to accomplish through His word motivate us to regularly read the Bible?

C: Finally, we talked about how the Bible has the power to transform us. How has the truth of God’s Word changed you recently?