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Psalm 96

1.We went through this psalm verse by verse, so here are some questions based off various verses we covered.

A: In verse 1 we talked about the “to the Lord” part of worship. Worship is not to us, but to the Lord. How can we be tempted to make worship about us rather than about God?

B: Pastor Zac mentioned that in verse 1 there is a play on words concerning the word for “new song.” Ultimately we talked about how this should lead to a rejuvenated sense of enthusiasm in our worship of God. When was the last time your worship of God could be seen as having a rejuvenated sense of enthusiasm?

C: In verse 3, it tells us to “declare his glory about the among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!” Who are the people & where are the places where you have opportunities to do this?

D: In verses 4-5, Pastor Zac focused on the worthless idols & their comparison to the one, true God. He specifically talked about the idols of our hearts today…why is it so difficult for us to admit when something has become an idol? What are so ways that you can be proactive in creating boundaries to keep something from becoming an idol in your heart?

E: In verse 6, we read that “strength & beauty are in his sanctuary.” God defines strength & beauty. How does pursuing the world’s view of strength & beauty prove to be exhausting? How does understanding strength & beauty in light of God prove to be freeing?

F: With verses 7-8, Pastor Zac talked about how everything we do in corporate worship has purpose behind it: to set our mind’s attention & our heart’s affection on the glories of God. How do you see MBC being intentional to make God & His glory central to our worship services?

G: Looking at v. 10-13, we see that the text begins to look forward to Jesus’ return & rule. How does believing that Jesus WILL return & WILL rule rightly cause our hope in Christ to be anchored, to be solid?

H: Specifically looking at v. 11-12, we see that creation itself longs fro this reign of Christ, when all will be made right again. What are ways that we long for the day when all is made right & Christ reigns?