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Psalm 8

1. We started by talking about v. 1 & what we realize about God from this verse alone.

A: “Lord” is not a general term in this verse, but rather specific. David is talking about Yahweh, the God of Israel, the God of the Bible. Why is it important that we be specific about who we call “Lord”? Does it make a difference?

B: We also talked about God being glorious. There is a difference between believing God exists & God being glorious…what has changed in your life when you have been convinced that God is glorious?

2. We then spent a great amount of time on v. 2-8. 

A: We started this section by talking on how creation should lead us to awe of God based on v. 3. What is a moment that comes to mind where you felt in awe of God in the midst of creation? How does creation reveal God’s power?

B: Then we talked about the inherent value of humanity based on v. 4-8. We spent a bit of time talking about how every human has dignity. What is the difference between dignity is earned/achieved versus dignity is given by God? What are ways that you can honor God in the way you treat others who society may not see as dignified?

C: In v. 2, we see that there are “foes”, there is an “enemy”, and there is an “avenger.” Why is it good that the Bible doesn’t try to dodge the effects of the Fall, but rather confront these realities?

D: Then we talked about how Jesus is the true man. He fulfills Psalm 8 & we see that explained in Hebrews 2:6-9. How has it brought you peace to know that nothing is outside of his control? We were encouraged to rest in the grace of God in light of the sufficiency of the work of Christ, what does it mean to “rest in God’s grace”?

3. We ended by looking at v. 9.

A: The psalm ends on God’s majesty, His glory. How can seeing everything as being about God’s name, His majesty, shape your perspective?

B: We were asked to consider how we can bring God glory & majesty in our daily living: from how we trust the Lord to how we can depend on the Lord to how we can serve others. What are ways you hope you bring God glory this summer?