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Psalm 23

1. As we began talking about this psalm, we talked about trusting in Yahweh.

A: David trusts in God as his shepherd, and a good shepherd knows their flock. How does it make you feel to believe that God knows: that there is nothing that God isn’t aware of, that there is nothing God is caught off guard by?

B: Not only does a shepherd know the flock well, but a shepherd provides for their flock. Before we go into all the ways God provides as mentioned throughout this psalm, what’s the difference between seeing God as involved to the point of providing for his people versus God being aloof, above, uncaring towards his people?

2. We then went through the psalm & looked at God’s provisions. 

A: In v. 1-3, we read about how God provides contentment, refreshment, enjoyment, & direction. All of us long for each of these in our lives, where do people seek to have them filled outside of God? How has God’s provision of each of these proven to be fully satisfying in your life?

B: Not only do we see that God provides in v. 1-3, but that these provisions are of God’s doing… “He” is seen many times in this passage. What changes when you come to realize that these provisions aren’t based on our efforts, but instead on His grace?

C: In v. 4, we see that God’s presence stirs up a courage within David. What’s an area of life where you can show courage because of the presence of God?

D: We also see in v. 4 that God’s provides protection both from outside enemies as well ourselves! What has brought you security to your life?

3. We then moved from reading about God as the good shepherd to God as the good Host.

A: As host, we see throughout v. 5-6 that God gives vindication to His people, prepares them for what’s to come, gives them reason to celebrate, and ultimately offers lasting hope. Obviously these are each great to read, but which of these provisions most thrills your soul at the moment?

B: Thinking about v. 6 & “dwelling in the house of the Lord forever”, we landed on those who dwell in the house of the Lord are those that are children of God. What does it mean to be a child of God? How does one become a child of God? (FOR CLARITY: READ EPHESIANS 2:1-10)