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Psalm 16

1. We began by looking at how this psalm is a psalm of confidence: a psalm that expresses confidence in the Lord in the midst of trouble.

A: Why does it stand out to others when a person places their confidence in the Lord during times of difficulty? What are examples that you’ve witnessed of this kind of confidence?

B: In v. 1, we looked at how David showed confidence in the Lord both by praying to God & expressing his position of dependence before God. To whom do others tend to depend on outside of God in the midst of confusion & difficulty?

2. We then talked about the danger of succumbing to syncretism. 

A: How do we see what happens in v. 2-3 play out today where in one place a person praises God & in other they praise other gods?

B: What are the places & people in your life where you face the temptation to give up Biblical faith & adopt a syncretistic faith?

C: In this part of the message, Pastor Nate alluded to “supermarket spirituality”: picking & choosing what they like/don’t like in various belief systems. Where have you seen this type of spirituality?

D: In v. 4, David makes a stand for the one true God in the midst of the various beliefs being pursued by others. What are practical ways that you can be holy & distinct for God’s glory?

3. We also talked about placing our full confidence in the Lord as seen in v. 5-8.

A: In v. 5-6, David talks about placing his whole life in the hands of God & then looks at the benefits of this confidence. How has seeing God as holding our lot proven to be beneficial? What are moments in your life where you recognize the goodness of having your confidence in the Lord?

B: In v. 7, we read, “I bless the Lord” & talked about how this means to gratefully acknowledge God’s blessings. How can you think on, live in light of, and make known God’s blessings more regularly? What are habits or routines that would help you incorporate this kind of recognition of God into your daily living?

C: In v. 8, David says, “I shall not be shaken.” How have you seen God’s strength at work in the lives of those who put their confidence in God?

4. We ended with the joy of God in v. 9-12.

A: When you compare v. 4 with v. 9, the contrast is stark. True security is found in God. How does loving & obeying the Lord provide security?

B: The psalm ends by saying that God makes known the greatest joy possible & even a sweetness of pleasure that is to come. How can we be confident that v. 11 is true?