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Psalm 119

1.We began by talking about how the Word of God dominated the life of the author of Psalm 119.

A: The structure of the psalm, with each section corresponding to a letter in the Hebrews alphabet, speaks of the intentionality of the author & their desire to give high praise for the Word of God. How can we increase in our admiration & appreciation for the greatness of the Bible?

B: Based on Psalm 119 alone, you get a picture of how the Word of God informs every facet of the author’s life. Take time to look at Psalm 119:55,62,97,147,148,164. Looking at your life, what is an area of your life where the Bible’s influence has increased in the past year?


2.Next we looked at v. 25-27.

A: In v. 25, we realize that the author is hopeless & helpless. When the author experiences this kind of spiritual deadness/apathy/powerlessness, he runs to prayerfulness. What do people tend to run to outside of prayerfulness when they find themselves in this same situation?

B: In v. 26, we see that the author confesses sin. We know from 1 John 1:9 that confession leads to life…yet many of us struggle to confess our sin. Why is that the case?

C: In v. 27, the author says, “I will meditate on your wondrous works.” What would help us meditate more consistently on the Word of God?


3. We then looked at v. 28-31.

A: Based on v. 28, we come to understand that the author has fallen back into sin…but then doesn’t stay in that sin, instead he runs to God. How can it be encouraging to see that the author’s experience & our own aren’t radically different?

B: We also talked about we either fill our lives with truth or deceit based off v. 29. How can we intentionally fill our lives with truth?

C: Looking at v. 30-31, we see that there is no neutrality on spiritual matters. We will set our eyes on something, we will cling to something. What does it look like to live a life that is set on the Word of God & clings solely to the Word of God?


4. We ended by looking at v. 32 & wrapping up the passage as a whole.

A: There is a conviction seen in v. 32… “I will…” that isn’t seen in v. 25. There is a confidence seen in v. 32… “When you…” that isn’t seen in v. 25. This passage shows us that clinging to the truth of God in the Word of God TRANSFORMS US. How have you seen your life changed by the grace of God through the truth of the Word of God?