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Matthew 1:1-17

1. After reading the passage, Pastor Nate talked about some of the reasons we have an aversion to genealogies.

Q: From our difficulty with the names to a lack of knowing who the people are to finding genealogies boring…we all have our reasons to avoid them. So how do we move past that frame of mind & seek the value and purpose behind them?

Q: What does it say to you as a reader that the beginning of the New Testament begins with a genealogy?

2. We then talked about the claims made about Jesus in v. 1.

Q: What makes the title, “Christ” so significant? What does Matthew’s calling Jesus the Christ & connecting him clearly to King David say?

Q: We heard that there were 3 offices where anointing happened: prophet, priest, and king. How does Jesus fulfill the specific office of King? How is Jesus the True King?

Q: We also heard that v. 1 claims that Jesus is superior to all others. While other religions claim to point to the way of salvation, the path of enlightenment, the tasks that need to be done to be right with God…it is said that Jesus IS the fulfillment of God’s goal of salvation. Why is it important to understand the difference on this matter between Christianity and other religions?

3. We also talked about doubt as we seek to understand Christmas.

Q: There is a dangerous component to doubt that is unanswered. Doubt can lead to distrust, which can lead to disobedience, and for the Christian can lead to a failure to declare who God is to a world that desperately needs Him. How have you dealt with moments of doubt concerning Christianity in your life?

Q: Pastor Nate talked about one of the major goals of this genealogy is to move a person from doubt to delight. Christianity is not a fairytale, it doesn’t start with, “Once upon a time…” How does a genealogy counter the concept that Christianity is simply a nice story…but ultimately untrue?

4. We ended by seeing God’s royal, shocking grace in the details of the genealogy.

Q: After hearing a bit more of their stories, which of the people mentioned in the genealogy were you most surprised made the genealogy of Jesus Christ?

Q: How does having this type of background knowledge about the people in the genealogy strengthen your view of the genealogy?

Q: One of the messages of the genealogy is this: people who have no merit of their own can be in the family of God. How does that message give you hope? Who is someone in your life that needs to hear that message right now?