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John 19:28-20:10

1. One of the major points of Sunday’s message was brought up at the beginning: the reliability of the Word.

A: We heard that both the written Word (the Bible) & the living Word (Jesus Christ) are both absolutely reliable. How have you seen this to be true in your life?

B: A major connection was made at the beginning based off the entire gospel of John: the reliability of the Word leads to trust which leads to surrender. John pushes us to a point of whom do you surrender: Jesus & the Scriptures OR the world? What happens when you surrender to one or the other?

2. We were shown multiple times how Jesus fulfills the Scriptures.

A: We saw in v. 28-29 that this fulfills Psalm 69:21. In v. 31, we see that it fulfills another word in v. 36. In v. 34, we see that yet another is fulfilled in v. 37. Reading and understanding all these does this provide confidence for you in the authority & accuracy of both Jesus & the Scriptures?

B: We also made note of v. 30 & Jesus saying, “It is finished.” It was said that what was finished is the mission of Jesus, seen in Mark 10:45. What does it mean based off the Mark passage that Jesus gave his life as a ransom? How has Jesus secured redemption for those who are in Christ?

3. Next we made multiple observations based off John 19:38-42.

A: First we saw that 2 men who had been cowardly about their faith in Jesus are now courageous. What does it look like for you to courageously follow Jesus?

B: Even though they think highly of Jesus (noted by the weight of the myrrh & aloes), they don’t believe he will be raised (seen in their wrapping his body). In light of the truth of the resurrection, what is the difference between thinking highly of Jesus & believing in Jesus?

4. Finally, we talked about John 20:1-10 & the implications of the resurrection.

A: This account addresses many issues on the resurrection of Jesus: from the fact that no one believed & was waiting outside the tomb to the initial thought is that enemies of Jesus took his all points to the miracle of the resurrection rather than a fabrication made by his followers. How do the details of this account help us believe that Jesus was resurrected?

B: We heard that Jesus’ resurrection is the great victory over death. Why is this such good news for all who believe in Jesus Christ & follow Him?