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James 3:13-18

1. This week’s questions will correspond to the verses in order…so open your Bibles to James 3 & we’ll get started with the questions!

A: In v. 13, James poses the question about who is wise & understanding. It was said that this applies to anyone who prides themselves on themselves (their knowledge & understanding). What are examples of people demonstrating this kind of pride in the world today?

B: In v. 13, James gives the test of wisdom in good works & humility. Why do these two marks make clear whether or not a person is wise?

C: Good works were defined as an act that is in alignment with the will of God, motivated by obedience to God, with the aim that all glory be given to God. So what are examples of good works that you have/can practice?

D: It was said that Christians, of all people, should be humble because they know who they are & they know who God is. How have you experienced greater humility in your life as your knowledge of God & the gospel message increased?

2. We then looked at v. 14-16 on counterfeit wisdom.

A: In v. 14 speaks about bitter jealousy & selfish ambition. Both are rooted in having an elevated view of yourself. Why does having an elevated view of yourself go against true wisdom?

B: In v. 15, counterfeit wisdom is called, “earthly, unspiritual, demonic.” What happens when you believe that living life apart from God is as dangerous as the book of James presents it?

C: In v. 16, we read that disorder & evil will happen if jealousy & selfish ambition exists. We were encouraged to do 3 things in light of this warning: 1) Confess our sin & repent. Ask God to forgive us of our sin & give us grace to fight sin. 2) Pray for MBC leadership. Pray that they would be reminded continually of their need for Christ. 3) Care about the church body enough to where you can be held accountable & hold others accountable as we pursue faithful living to God. Which of these is the most challenging for you to do? How can you incorporate these into your life this week?

3. We finished by looking at true wisdom & its effects in v. 17-18.

A: When reading these verses, it was said that true wisdom always produces for our good, the good of the church, and for God’s glory. What is an example of the good produce of wisdom from your life?

B: In v. 17, we see that James begin with the attribute of purity. Purity is both fighting sin & aggressively pursuing Christ in your life. In what ways are you pursuing Christ right now in your life? What are new ways that you could more aggressively pursue Christ?

C: James also mentions in v. 17 that true wisdom is marked by being “full of mercy & good fruits.” What are ways that you can do real, meaningful action for the good of others around you?

D: In v. 18, we read that “a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” When you look at your life right now, what would a harvest of righteousness (being right with God, God being pleased & glorified) look like in your life?