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1 Peter 3:8-17

1. We began talking about the main point of Peter’s writing: a call to live holy lives.

Q: Holiness was described as being distinct from the world & distinctly like our holy God. What are examples of holy living that you’ve experienced or seen?

Q: We also talked about how a person grows in holiness: through sanctification. What does God use to sanctify us, make us more holy?

Q: READ 1 PETER 2:9. How does holiness declare the greatness of God?

2. We then talked about how holy living can lead to suffering.

Q: Based off the passage in 1 Peter 3, suffering is to be expected. What are ways that Christians try to avoid suffering?

Q: It was said that suffering can be a blessing because it assures us of our faith in Christ & reminds us of the reward we have in Christ. How has God used suffering to shape you/others you know?

3. We then talked about our readiness to share the gospel.

Q: 5 Principles for holy living are seen in v. 13-17. We focused on being willing to share the gospel. What are we talking about when we use the word, “gospel”?

Q: We were also challenged to understand the question(s) that the world will have for those in Christ: “What is the reason for the hope that is in you? Why is your hope in Christ?” How would you respond to these questions?

Q: What resources have helped you to have a Biblical, clear, winsome answer to these types of questions? (If you don’t have a RightNow Media account set up, contact Matt Cobb at ASAP to get an email invitation sent to you!)

4. We ended by talking about the when and how of sharing the gospel.

Q: Pastor Nate shared a story of being unprepared to share the gospel & said, “You never know when someone will ask questions.” How does a person prepare themselves to be ready to share the gospel always?

Q: In v. 15, it says that we are to share “with gentleness and respect.” What do these characteristics look like in the context of sharing the truth of the gospel?

Q: We ended by talking about the need for holy living, so that others might see the hope of Christ in us. What is a way that you could better pursue holy living in 2017?