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1 John 1:1-4

1. We began by talking about the importance of the reality of Christmas.

Q: Christmas is a time with a lot of traditions. How can we use traditions to point to the ultimate & true reality of Christmas?

Q: John uses language that says he really saw, heard & experienced life alongside Jesus. Why do you think it was so important that John was emphatic about the reality of the person of Christ?

Q: In v. 1, John is saying that God has come in flesh. Does that truth amaze you? What keeps us at times from being amazed by the truth of God?

2. We then talked about the implications of the reality of Christmas in v. 2-4.


Q: It was said that people ask, “How do I make myself right?”. What are some of the answers given by our world? How do Christians answer this question?

Q: What is the difference between saying Jesus points to eternal life & Jesus is eternal life?


Q: The Bible speaks of our union with Christ & our identity in Christ, why is it important that Christians understand the depth & meaning of these Biblical concepts?

Q: What are characteristics of a deep & meaningful relationship with God?


Q: We have talked about the counterfeits to real joy multiple times, what would you say are some of those counterfeits?

Q: Read John 17:13 & John 16:22, how does Jesus speak of the type of joy He provides? How have you personally experienced this type of joy in your own life?

3. We ended with an encouragement to remember the reality of Christmas as you celebrate Christmas this year.

Q: How can you make the reality of Christmas a priority this year?